Razor Ranch property has been created to be the finest whitetail hunting Florida has to offer.Our whitetail deer hunts Florida style without the freezing cold weather, for your 200 class booner will be a dream come true at Razor Ranch. We also offer Florida hog hunting on our private game preserves that is unmatched. Giant wild boar hunts by stand, spot & stalk,or atv ride spot & stalk, it's your vacation hunt how you want. Other Fl hunting preserves only offer buggy wild boar hunting.

Hunting preserves in Florida will have oak hammocks, palmetto patches open fields, and food plots which all are excellent habitat for an exciting hunt. Lots of food and water means a ton of game!

Ranked as one of the best hunting outfitters in Florida, our guides have over thirty five plus years experience in exotic game hunting for white tail deer, hogs, osceola turkey, elk, axis deer, red deer, fallow,Wild boar, blackbuck, stags, water buffalo, and more. Each and every guide has hunted all around the world on exotic game preserves. Each guide being an accomplished whitetail hunter, and all around exotic game hunter, you will have the odds stacked in your favor at Razzor Ranch.

If you are looking for the best whitetail deer, wild boar, oceola turkey, or exotic game hunts Florida has to offer then book your hunt of a life time at Razzor Ranch.

Reservation Requirements
For booking your hunting dates or information call (239) 850-3063 or Email
A $100 to 50% deposit per person may be required for your booking dates.

Early booking of your hunt is advised to receive your choice in hunting dates.
We hunt 7 days a week to try to accommodate all clients.

  It was a cool southwest Florida hunting morning when we first saw the whitetail giant. We were whitetail bow hunting and saw him in the back of our Florida property with his giant whitetail rack shinning in the morning sun. At that time we didn't know it, but we were on a hunt for the biggest whitetail deer ever seen or shot on the ranch.
 There we were eighty yards from the Florida oak head he was in. We sneaked around some Florida palmettos to within 40 yards with him staring at us, were at full draw with our bow mumbling turn, turn. After around one to two minutes he darted off across a giant Florida open field. We didn't see another deer till after lunch. We were looking for the giant whitetail again and ran across another whitetail by a Florida field fence that was around 160 inches. What the heck,
that's a nice whitetail, so the sneak was on. We crawled to within in thirty-five yards behind one palmetto, set up on knees and came to full draw. Perfect shot and the deer ran 40 yards pilling up. We then loaded up the deer and were heading across the open Florida field when we saw the giant whitetail for the second time. We steeped out of the hunting cart and he bounded off about another 40 yards standing behind three Florida pine trees. Well you stay here with your hunting bow, and I will try to get him to walk your way.
 He wasn't a giant whitetail but he was not dumb, like a rocket he was gone. Well I guess we can forget seeing that beast of a whitetail again. We hunted another day not seeing a shooter, and decided to hunt the next day for hogs with dogs. Hunting the next day by a strip of palmettos we let the dogs go, and in five minutes the giant whitetail runs out into the open field. I said If you want him, you better use the gun cause will never see him again. We quickly pulled the gun out and shot. It was not a good shot at all, and the deer ran into the Florida cypress swamp. We quickly ran to the swamp, and I see my good friend raise his rifle again. I can't see the deer, but stop moving so I don't run him off. Bang, bang, bang, bang, what the heck. Then I see a white patch fall to the Florida swamp ground. Yes I yelled, as we walked up to the whitetail giant, and I was looking at another 160-class buck.
 What the heck were you shooting at, and where is the giant? Then I looked to my left, and there is another dead whitetail deer. Walking up to this whitetail, and I knew it was him. Holy crap, it was the biggest whitetail deer either of us has ever seen hunting. You shot two deer. My friend then said, I was so fired up I was shooting at brown, and didn't see the first deer fall, or look at his antlers.After bringing both whitetail bucks back to the main hunting lodge, I scored the northern Florida cross whitetail at 274 inches, wow!
  An end to the biggest and best whitetail deer hunting days of both our lives, what can you say, when luck smiles on you, it could be a big smile or a small one.
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