For Year-Round Hunting Adventure - Go Exotic!

Exotic game includes Axis Deer, Red Stag, Island Goats, Rams, Fallow Deer, Elk, Four Horn Rams, and Blackbuck Antelope at Razor Ranch. All of these exotic animals will put your hunting skills to the test. Our Axis Deer heard bucks will measure over 30 inches of horns, and some bucks may even be gold medal. Axis Deer whose hard-horned season varies with each animal is considered by most hunters to be and extraordinary animal to place in any trophy room.

Blackbuck hunting will bring you to our wide range grass areas to ambush, or spot & stalk as close as possible. With the hole heard looking on, bring along the long gun for the Quigley shot, you may need it. Our Blackbuck Antelope will reach over 20 inches, and will make you a very nice trophy.

All of our exotic game may be hunted year-round, so keep your hunting skills fine tuned with exotic hunts at Razor Ranch. With oak hammocks, thick palmettos, and deep dark cypress areas, you are sure to have a true hunting experience to remember.

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